Welcome to Rec Room®, the vibrant and growing virtual community where you play with friends new and old from all around the world!


Co-OP Quests

Team up with your friends and arm yourselves with laser guns. It'll take teamwork and high-fives to defeat JumboTron and his army of robots.


A new approach to an old favorite. Grab a clue card, draw yourself a prop with the Maker Pen, and act out it out while the group guesses.


Grab a paintball gun and get ready to dive for cover! Try Capture the Flag or Team Battle on multiple super-fun maps. Plenty of customization options to keep the action fresh!

Customize your look then head to the Rec Center for endless fun and games like our epic co-op Quests, 3D Charades, or Paintball! Or play casual minigames like Disc Golf, Dodgeball, and more. Or create and share your own activities using an ever-expanding variety of fun creative tools.

Rec Room is a fun and welcoming environment for people from all walks of life! Come and join the fun for free!