If you encounter a player who is violating our Code of Conduct, please use the Stop gesture, or the Report button in your watch! This will immediately mute and ignore that player (you can undo this later if you like).

You may then optionally choose to Report the player by pressing one of the Report category buttons.

Reporting a player will also initiate a "Vote Kick",  which can remove the player from the room depending how other players vote.

The Report categories are:

  1. Underage - this user appears to be under 13
  2. Harassment - this user is directing harassing language or behavior at you or someone else
  3. Cheating - this user is messing up a game by cheating or using exploits
  4. AFK - this user is "away from keyboard" (er... headset). This report reason doesn't penalize the reported player, but can remove them (depending on the outcome of the vote).
  5. Misc - any other kind of Code of Conduct violation...

We encourage you to report any Code of Conduct violations you encounter. This helps us make Rec Room a fun and welcoming place for players from all walks of life and improve our moderation systems. 

If you have questions, would like to report an abuse of the Rec Room moderation system, or are having persistent problems with a given player or group of players, please contact us at 

Here's how to use the Stop Gesture: