Rec Room Photo Contest 2.0

The Share Camera has come to Screen Mode! To celebrate we’re holding another photo contest. Grab your cameras and show us what you got.

To use the Share Camera in Screen Mode - open the main menu, select your backpack, then select the camera. If you favorite the camera you can pull it out as your favorite item by pressing and holding on the trackpad (PS4) or holding F (PC).

To use the Share Camera in VR - open your watch menu, select your backpack, then select the camera. If you favorite the camera you can pull it out as your favorite item by reaching behind your back and grabbing it. You can also summon the camera with the Quick Snap gesture. Face your palms towards each other like you’re framing a shot, then squeeze both triggers.


How do I submit a photo to the contest?

There are three categories you can submit photos to:

  • Fandom

    • Shots featuring characters, locations, or other references to your favorite movies, TV shows, books, comics, etc

  • Comedy

    • Make us laugh

  • Travel

    • Shots of your favorite rooms and locations - think National Geographic meets Rec Room

To submit a photo to one of the categories take a photo in Rec Room, share it to, then on leave a comment on the photo with either #fandom #comedy or #travel to mark it as a contest entry. There will be 30 winners per category. See the rules section below for more info.

During the contest we’ll be featuring your submissions on the Rec Room Instagram (here) and Twitter (here) so be sure to tag your photos with #RecRoom when posting to Instagram or Twitter if you’d like the chance to have your submission featured to the community.

Rules and Timeline:

  • The contest starts on December 13th 2018 (12:00am PT) and ends on January 7th 2019 (11:59pm PT)

  • Only photos taken within this time period will be considered valid submissions

  • We will take a week to judge all of the submissions. The winners will be emailed, awarded their prizes, and we will create a website where the community can view all of the winning photos. The winners will also be announced in our community newsletter (every registered player gets this unless you unsubscribed), and our social channels.

  • Players must have a confirmed email on their Rec Room account so that we can contact them if they win

  • Each player may submit 10 photos per category, 30 photos total if each photo only has one tag

  • Players may tag a single photo with multiple categories

  • All submissions must abide by the Rec Room Code of Conduct

  • If you already have the golden camera skin from the previous photo contest you can gift the golden camera skin to another player or another account

  • There is no limit to the number of times a single player can win within a category or across categories. Tokens for multiple wins will stack, and you can reward multiple skins to other players or accounts.



See the winners of the previous photo contest HERE

I need help learning the camera / I have a question!

Join the Rec Room Discord Server and check out the #recroom or #discussion channel to meet other players and get tips on getting started!

You can also find a lot of answered questions and helpful community members on the Rec Room Subreddit.

If you still have questions, need technical support, or run into bugs, please check out our Help Center.