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Technical Support

  • If you have looked over the FAQ below and can't find a solution, please CLICK HERE and send us your log files
  • I get a 'can not connect to Rec Net' type error when launching Rec Room
    • Download our CONNECTION TEST package, run it, and send the results to
  • Error -1 or -2. Connection trouble with the Rec Room servers
    • Usually these errors mean that the connection to our servers has been interrupted. This can be due to a firewall or antivirus restricting traffic to and from the app (usually this is fixed by adding an exception for Rec Room) or by packet loss/spotty connections.
    • Are you connecting from a school / corporate environment which blocks certain sites?
    • Do you have a firewall or anti virus enabled?
    • Where are you located in the world? (some regions have persistent connection issues with our servers) 
    • Are you using a VPN or any other type of network filtering / routing?
    • Are you able to play any other online multiplayer VR games without any connection issues for prolonged periods of time?
    • If none of the above items help, try running Rec Room again and send us your log files if you still encounter connection issues
      • instructions here:
      • send to 
    • You can also download our CONNECTION TEST package, run it, and send the results to 
  • PlayStation VR 404 or 403 errors when installing or trying to update
    • This is usually a temporary error while the PSVR system attempts to fetch the latest build from Sony's server. Keep retying over the next 5 to 10 mins and this almost always resolves itself
  • Resolving "Content File Locked" issue on Steam
  • "Corrupt content files" error on Steam
  • Other Steam launch problems
    • If your game is crashing before you even get to the start screen, it's likely your installation is corrupted. You can try these steps to get it working again:
    • Verify your game cache. Right-click Rec Room in your Library, go to the Local Files tab, and click "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" This should hopefully fix your issue.
    • Reinstall. In the Local Files tab, click "Delete Local Game Content." Once the content has been deleted, reinstall Rec Room.
    • Check that your video drivers are up-to-date.
  • Error 1040s / kicked for disconnect on the Vive
    • We've done some investigation into this, and it looks like the Vive can actually cause interference on the 2.4GHz WiFi spectrum, which can cause connection dropouts. We're looking into ways to deal with this if we can, but in the meantime, we recommend trying the following:
      • Move to a different 2.4GHz WiFi channel (Consult your router instructions)
      • Move to 5GHz WiFi if possible (again, consult your router's instructions)
      • Use an ethernet cable instead (this is the most reliable fix)
      • We actually suffer from this in the office, so you're not alone!
  • Install / update errors on Oculus Home
    • "This is commonly a permissions or security issue. You may want to try disabling anti-virus and (if that doesn't work) reinstall the Oculus app to a better folder with proper permissions (for example, something like E:/Oculus would probably work fine)."
    • Restart your PC
    • Ensure your graphics drivers are up to date
    • Ensure all Windows updates or pending updates are installed 
    • Uninstall Rec Room and then "Manually delete C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\against-gravity-rec-room and C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\swap, and they will possibly encounter Windows errors when they do so (but hopefully not). Oh and also C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\staging, just to make sure." - Oculus support
    • If you are still unable to resolve the issue after trying all of the above steps please send us your Oculus Home logs while you are experiencing this error: 
      • Follow instructions for 'Troubleshooting the Oculus Run Time'
      • Choose 'Get All Logs' when asked how much log data you would like to export 
  • Why does my game crash when I try to leave my Dorm Room?
    • Some players have been experiencing a crash when they leave the Dorm Room. If you're getting this, here's a workaround to try that should fix the issue:
    • Start Rec Room
    • Don't leave the Dorm Room
    • Open the menu (press the Menu button)
    • Go to Settings-->Advanced
    • Make sure the "Enable Video Cameras" box is unchecked
    • Close the menu
    • Now you can leave the Dorm Room and you shouldn't crash
    • Recently we've also had quite a few reports from people with AMD graphics cards having this problem. Most have had success by just updating their graphics card drivers (and sometimes then reinstalling SteamVR). If that does not work, see below: 

There is a known incompatibility issue with the current version of Rec Room and some AMD graphics cards (especially the Radeon RX 400 and Radeon RX 500 series) while playing through SteamVR. This is even more common for players using Windows MR headsets and/or on Windows Insider Preview builds of Windows 10.

While we continue to investigate the underlying issue for a permanent fix, here is a simple workaround that should fix the problem for the time being. This might need to be re-applied when the game is updated:

  1. Go to the game’s install directory

    • Steam: Usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RecRoom

    • Oculus: Usually C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\Software\against-gravity-rec-room

  2. Right click on the Rec Room executable (Recroom_Release.exe) and click “Properties”

  3. Go to the “Compatibility” tab and check the option “Disable fullscreen optimizations”

  4. Click “Apply”

Frequently Asked Questions (headset specific FAQ lower on page)

The Rec Room accounts / profiles system changed! How does the new accounts system work? 

We've tweaked the Rec Room account system UI to be easier to understand. It's now much easier / cleaner to create and manage Rec Room accounts. We will be making many more upgrades here soon, especially on the website side of things...

  • You can now log into your Rec Room account on any system (Oculus, PSVR, Steam) by entering your email or username. This will work on a friend's system, at a VR Arcade, anywhere!
  • There's an option to "remember this account" in the watch menu > Settings > Advanced. This option is checked by default. Unchecking this option will log you out automatically at the end of the session and not store your account in the sign in menu.
  • All remembered accounts are shown at startup for easy one-click login!
  • Junior accounts can now share an email with an adult account. This makes it much easier for parents who also play Rec Room.
    • Junior accounts need to log in using their unique username for this reason  
  • No more profiles. Previously, accounts were tied to platforms (Oculus, PSVR, Steam) and each account could have up to three profiles. You could link your account across multiple platforms via our website but it was a tedious process. Now, what we previously called 'profiles' are their own accounts. Every Rec Room player has their own account and can login across all platforms automatically!
  • You can MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT HERE (including reset your password) 

What's the best way to get in touch with Against Gravity?

Check out the 'Contact us' link at the top of this page.

I found a bug! Where should I report it? 

Please use our BUG REPORTS FORM. Thanks for the help! 

I received an email or in game message saying my account was a junior account, what does this mean?

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for more info on junior accounts.

I was kicked to my dorm room, why did this happen?

There's a variety of reasons you can be "kicked back" to the Dorm Room. You'll usually get a message on your watch telling you why you were sent back.

  • Connection interrupted (usually Code -1/-2): Something in your connection to the internet or with our servers specifically failed. No penalty (you can immediately go back in)
  • Server invalid requests/responses (usually Code 1040/1050): Something is messing with messages between the client and our servers. No penalty.
  • AFK (kicked for inactivity): When your headset has been inactive for some time, you'll be kicked from games. It has also been caused by faulty presence sensors in the headset (in that case contact No penalty.
  • Kicked by other people (will say kick reason, e.g. Harassment, in your watch menu): There was a majority vote to kick you from the room. Penalty starts with less than a minute and increases after many repeat offenses. If you believe you were kicked in error contact us at 

How do I find my friend who just logged into Rec Room if we're not Rec Room friends yet? 

  1. If you are friends with this person on Oculus, Steam, or PlayStation, you should be prompted to 'import new friends' from those friend lists each time you sign into Rec Room (if you have a registered Rec Room account on one of those platforms). If your friend loaded into Rec Room before you did, they should get the same alert and be able quickly add you as a friend on their account.
  2. If you know your friends Rec Room name you can search for them in the watch menu > People > Find 
    • Once you have them on your Rec Room friends list you can go to your watch menu > People > Friends and either 'invite' them to your location, or 'go to' their location. 'invite' and 'go to' do not work for Dorm Rooms. 
  3. You can create a custom room using a roomcode, then share that roomcode with your friend. Anyone joining that roomcode will go right to your room. Go to your watch menu > Custom Rooms.
  4. You can create a custom room, name it whatever you like, publish it via the 'host' tab in the 'this room' section of your watch, and then have your friend look for the custom room in the custom rooms section of their watch. Go to your watch menu > Custom Rooms.

Why can't I hear other people and why cant other people hear me?

The most likely answer is that your account is a junior account. See the 'Junior Accounts' section below for more info.

You can check to see if you are on a junior account by going to your watch menu > Settings > Audio. If you are a junior account you will see a message saying so on this screen. If you are not a junior and still have this issue, scroll down to the FAQ for audio issues on PC or PSVR headsets. 

Junior accounts are also marked with a "Jr" tag in the profile selection screen you see when you first boot Rec Room. 

Why does someone in the same room as me look like a ghost? - or - Why can't I see or hear my friend?

This means someone has muted or ignored you, or that you have muted or ignored them. You can unmute and unignore someone by going to you watch > People > select the person > unmute / unignore. If someone else has muted or ignored you, they will have to do this on their end.

I heard about a Rec Room featured event coming up, how do I get to the featured event? 

To enter a featured event you need to teleport into THIS DOOR which can be found in the Rec Center. It might look different than this particular door depending on the event. For instance during the laser tag alpha weekends it was decorated as scifi blast doors. However it should always say 'featured event' over the door. 

How do I drop things!?

Sorry we're working on making this more clear! If you are holding a 'sticky' object like the video / gif cameras, microphone, or maker pen, to release the item from your hand press: 

  • Rift: Y or B button
  • Vive: Menu button (above touchpad) 
  • PSVR: Square or Triangle button 

I'm playing disc golf and my disc is in a crazy spot I can't get to. What should I do? 

Watch menu > This Room > Game and find the 'Hazard' button. This will respawn the disc at your last throw point!

Where are the photos, videos, and GIFs I take in game stored? 

If you selected 'Save' from the camera menu (or completed a video or gif) it will be stored on your primary HD > Documents > Rec Room. If you selected 'Send' from the camera menu your photo will be sent to the email address registered to your account. If you have not registered your email address the 'Send' option will be greyed out. 

How can I change my personal space settings? 

In your watch menu go to > Settings > Experience. Here you can set your teleport bubble size (creates a zone around you where no one can teleport) and ignore bubble size (will fade people out as they approach you).


Frequently Asked Questions (PlayStation VR)

What are the PSVR Rec Room controls? 


  • Also you can push in both teleport buttons and then move your controllers to smooth rotate
    • In your watch menu, check Settings >Gameplay >Smooth Rotate and make sure it's enabled
  • If you would like to change your snap rotate angle check your watch menu > Settings
  • RC Car controls
    • Trigger: Gas
      X/Circle: Boost
      Move button hold + rotate controller from side to side: Steer left & right
      Move button hold + tilt controller up + Trigger: Reverse
      Pull controller up quickly: Jump

How can I recalibrate my height / playspace? 

Hold down the start button to recenter your playspace. This should also buzz your watch and ask if you would like to do a full height recalibration as well. If you would like to navigate to a full recalibration manually you can do so via the watch menu > Settings > Experience > choose Recalibrate Room.

If you can't get your PSVR recalibrated to your proper height using the above recalibration options, you can wipe your saved info (which clears the calibration data) via the PS menu: settings > storage > system storage > saved data > rec room > hit options button > delete. The only data Rec Room stores here is your height calibration data, so there's no need to worry about loosing any account info. 

Can I play the Rec Room open beta if I live in ________?  

Anyone who has a PlayStation account in the North America, South America, or EU regions. FULL LIST OF EU REGION COUNTRIES.

Do I need PlayStation Plus to play Rec Room? 

Nope! But we do have a custom burst rifle skin for Plus players. 

How much does Rec Room cost? 

Its free! 

I'm getting a weird stuttering effect in my PSVR that feels like the world is shaking. What is that? 

This is usually caused by poor frame rate. You should notice this get worse if there are a lot of other players in view or a lot of enemies in quest. We're working hard to find all of the times and places in Rec Room where this might happen. If you have this happen to you, please let us know as much detail as possible via our BUG REPORTS FORM. Thanks!

I'm getting a lot of crashes or crazy visual artifacts. What should I do? 

First, let us know as much detail as possible via our BUG REPORTS FORM. These are issues we will work to fix over time during the open beta and we need your help / reports! Sometimes If you return to your dorm room or restart your PS4, it should free up a bit more memory and hopefully resolve the issue if it was a borderline crash.

How do I get rid of the PSVR comfort blinder? 

Watch menu > Settings > Gameplay > Tracking mode > slide to 360. Now the comfort blinders will be disabled. 

Why can't PSVR players use the Rec Room video and gif cameras? 

We're looking for a good way to save these video and gif files to the PS4. Once we figure it out we'll enable it for all PSVR players!

Why is the save button greyed out on the Rec Room personal camera? 

Same problem as above. We're working on a way to save these files to the PS4 in a proper format. Hopefully we find a good way to achieve this soon. In the meantime you can 'share' the photos to yourself, which will send them to your email in full resolution (as long as you have registered your email address)

Why can't other people can't hear my voice audio? (and I'm sure I'm not on a junior account)

  1. Check out these pages which run through a number of situations where PSVR mic audio might not be transmitting correctly

  2. In Rec Room, make sure your microphone is set to "On" (Watch menu > Settings > Audio > Microphone)

    • We're working on bringing push to talk functionality to the move controllers

    • For now you can still trigger push to talk via the expresso menu. Hold square or triangle then move down to settings. As long as you hold your hand inside the microphone icon you will be transmitting audio

    • Another option to simulate push to talk would be to toggle your mic on / off on your PSVR cable and have your Rec Room mic setting be 'always on' 

Why can't I hear other people's voice audio? (and I'm sure I'm not on a junior account)

  1. In Rec Room, make sure you have voice audio turned up for other players (Watch menu -> Settings -> Audio -> Voice)

  2. Try fully restarting both Rec Room and your PS4

  3. Make sure you haven't muted / ignored all of the people around you (Watch menu > People > select player > unmute / unignore)

  4. Make sure your audio levels are turned up for all game / system audio :)

Why is my PSVR tracking not working correctly?

In many cases tracking issues are due to some sort of hardware miscalibration. Below are some pages that provide more info on ensuring PSVR tracking is working properly on the hardware side. If after trying all of the below improvements you still believe Rec Room is performing very differently to other experiences when it comes to tracking ping us at and let us know more about where and when you're experiencing poor tracking performance.

  1. Page 1

  2. Page 2

  3. Page 3

Is Rec Room cross platform on PSVR? 

Yes! You will be in the same games as players on Rift, Vive, Windows MR, and other headsets by default! If you would like to opt in to only playing with other PSVR players you can find this option in your watch menu > Settings. However the only people available in this mode will be other PSVR users who have selected this option, which will likely be a much smaller pool of players. 


Frequently Asked Questions (all PC based headsets)

Why can't other people can't hear my voice audio? (and I'm sure I'm not on a junior account)

  1. Make sure that in your Windows recording devices (right click the speaker icon at the bottom right of the desktop > Recording devices) the proper microphone is set as the default recording device for recording and communication.

  2. Make sure it is the preferred audio input in your Oculus Home or SteamVR settings

    • Oculus Home > gear icon at the top right > Settings > Devices > Rift headset > Audio Input in VR should be set to Rift microphone and the transmit volume should be up

    • In the SteamVR small status window click the small downward arrow next to the 'Steam VR' text > Settings > Audio > ensure your 'Set Record device to' dropdown is selecting the appropriate microphone

  3. In Rec Room, make sure your microphone is set to "On" (Watch menu > Settings > Audio > Microphone)

  4. To ensure your microphone isn't broken: right click the speaker icon at the bottom right of the desktop -> Recording devices -> find and right click your chosen mic (make sure its enabled) -> properties -> listen tab -> check the 'listen to this device' box -> hit apply. Can you hear yourself through your selected playback device? If not the mic itself might be broken.

Why can't I hear other people's voice audio? (and I'm sure I'm not on a junior account)

  1. In Rec Room, make sure you have voice audio turned up for other players (Watch menu -> Settings -> Audio -> Voice)

  2. Try fully restarting both Rec Room and whatever platform you are using (PSVR, Oculus Home, Steam)

  3. Make sure you haven't muted / ignored all of the people around you (Watch menu > People > select player > un-mute, un-ignore)

  4. Make sure your audio levels are turned up for all game / system audio :)


Junior Accounts

If you believe there is a child 12 years of age or younger using Rec Room without a junior account, please use THIS FORM to file a report. You may also contact us at

Junior accounts are for players 12 years of age and younger. If our moderation and evidence systems detect underage activity on a non-junior account it will be converted to a junior account. You have two weeks to complete your appeal of a junior account conversion before it becomes permanent. To appeal please message us ASAP at

If you are the parent of a child 12 years of age or younger who enjoys Rec Room, please create an account for your child by entering their correct birth date at account creation. To create a new account, start up Rec Room and then choose the 'create new account' button. You will then need to input a parent or guardian's email for the junior account. If you are a parent or guardian with your own Rec Room account, you can reuse the email you registered on your account for your child.

If your child has already created an account and you would like us to switch it over to a junior account, please contact us at If we detect underage activity on non-junior accounts, all accounts at that location may face a permanent ban.

More info:

  • We’ve upgraded our moderation and evidence collection systems, including tools to detect underage activity

  • Accounts identified as hosting any underage player activity (age 12 or younger) will be converted into junior accounts

  • Non-junior players can opt into matchmaking that attempts to avoid rooms / activities where junior players are present. You can find this option in your watch menu > settings > this button

  • You can have junior and non-junior accounts on the same computer! Junior accounts will show a red JR icon on their account preview image when you start up Rec Room and see a list of your available accounts. You can also tell if you are on a junior account in Rec Room by going to your watch menu > Settings > Audio > and checking to see if your microphone is disabled with a message about the account being a junior. 

  • To ensure the safety of our junior players, junior accounts are not able to:

    • Transmit or hear voice audio

    • Send or receive in game text messages

    • Choose a custom displayname / username (they can log in to their account and choose new generated names)

    • Damage teammates in quests

    • Create or join custom rooms

    • Attend featured events (these events rely almost exclusively on voice audio)

    • Play charades (juniors can't see or share drawings or maker pen creations with other players)

      • Any tool that would allow someone 12 or younger to share personal information about themselves must be restricted according to regulations on junior online activity


Rec Room (Junior Mode) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Rec Room (Junior Mode) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program. To learn more, click on the seal or go to