Rec Room Creators Contest


Rec Room now has custom rooms! Custom rooms let you create your own environments, games, clubhouses, escape rooms, art exhibits, and whatever else you can dream up. If you build a really sweet custom room, you win prizes, like a Nintendo Switch.

When is the competition? 

The competition kicks off on Monday February 26th and ends on Monday March 19th at 12pm PST.

We will judge all submissions from Monday March 19th to Monday March 26th and announce the winners on March 26th.

How do I get started?

Learn how to create and name your room (video) 

Learn how to use the Sandbox Machine to fill your room with stuff (video) 

Learn how to use the Maker Pen to create your own objects and environments (video) 

Learn how to add advanced features and logic to your room using Circuits (video)

Circuits User Guide (google doc)

Learn how to add Holotars (recorded avatars / virtual assistants) to your room: (video)

Join the Rec Room Discord Server and check out the #custom-rooms channel to meet other creators, see what everyone is working on, and get tips on getting started!


First place – A Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, Travel Case, Two Rec Room T-shirts, and two Ready Player One movie tickets

Second place - A Nintendo Switch, Two Rec Room T-shirts, and two Ready Player One movie tickets

Third place - Two Rec Room T-shirts and two Ready Player One movie tickets


Best in show - Two Rec Room T-shirts and two Ready Player One movie tickets

  • Best use of Circuits
  • Best use of Holotars
  • Our favorite game (Against Gravity game award)
  • Players choice (Judged by total number of cheers to that room by players with a confirmed account - to cheer a room, go to the room, then go to your watch > this room > cheer)

How do I submit a room to the contest?

When you create your room put [contest] in the room description. Also be sure your room is set to ‘public’ in the room privacy settings before submissions close on Monday March 19th at 12pm PST. This will allow us to find and judge all submitted rooms.


Players must have a confirmed email on their Rec Room account so that we can contact them if they win.

Each confirmed player may submit up to 3 custom rooms to the contest.

Players from all regions may enter the contest.

All submissions must abide by the Rec Room Code of Conduct

Only rooms created on Monday February 26th or later may be entered into the contest. You may not submit rooms that were started before the contest launched.

All submissions must have [contest] written into their room description and be set to ‘public’ in the room privacy settings by Monday March 19th at 12pm PST. You can find your room privacy settings while you are in your room by going to your watch > this room > settings.

The player must take at least three photos of their room and save them to is the Rec Room website where you can see your profile, other players, and rooms. This will help us understand what is inside each room and group them for judging. You can find the Rec Room camera in your watch > profile.

Prizes will only be sent to the creator of the custom room and coordinated via the email tied to that account.

Each player may only win a maximum of two prizes. One from the top 3 category and one from the best in show category.

Rooms with [contest] in their description or that plan to enter the contest will not be featured by us in ^FeaturedRooms or anywhere else inside Rec Room to be fair to all creators. However we may share screenshots or other media of submitted rooms outside of Rec Room in our Discord Server, Subreddit, or on Twitter.

If the need arises for more rules or clarifications we will update this section.


Rooms that make use of multiple doors / link to other rooms are allowed if that is the focus of the room and all linked rooms have the same creator. A puzzle, escape room, or game for example. As long as its clear that they all tie into one experience.

You can work with as many people as you want on a room, but the prizes will only be sent to the creator of the room. Once they have them they can do whatever they like with them, like divide them up between a group, sell them, etc. We will only ensure that the prize gets to the person that created the room.

Changes may not be made to your room after Monday March 19th at 12pm PST or it will invalidate your entry. 


Please note that this contest is not open to players using a Junior Account.


Rooms will be judged by Against Gravity (makers of Rec Room) on the following criteria

  • Creativity and style
  • Unique and innovative uses of the Rec Room creative tools
  • Interactivity and player engagement (do players still find this room interesting or fun the second or third time they visit?)  

What have people made so far?

Here are some examples of custom rooms players have created in the past few weeks:

Featured Rooms 7

Featured Rooms 6

Featured Rooms 5

Featured Rooms 1 - 4

Players are always sharing updates on their work in the Rec Room Discord server. Usually in the #custom-rooms channel.

You can also find people posting photos and videos of their work by searching the #RecRoom hashtag on Twitter.


Rec Room Creators Contest press / social media kit (if you want to write an article or spread the word about the contest!)



Most questions can be answered very quickly by Against Gravity support or the Rec Room community via our Discord. We pin common questions and answers in relevant channels or will make server wide announcements in the #announcements channel.

If you still have questions, need technical support, or run into bugs during the contest please get in touch using one of the methods mentioned in our Help Center.