Creators Contest 2.0


Rec Room now has Custom Rooms (player created experiences). Create your own games, environments, clubhouses, events, escape rooms, art exhibits, and whatever else you can dream up! 

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How do I submit a room to the contest?

No submission necessary! All rooms, created at any point, are eligible to win if they rank in the top 30 for player engagement during the play phase (more info below). The only exception is rooms that won in the previous creators contest.

When is the contest? How are winners determined? 

Build phase - Tuesday April 24th to Tuesday May 15th

Play phase - Wednesday May 16th - Monday May 28th (11:59pm PDT) 

Evaluation phase - after the play phase ends we will take a day or two to review what rooms captured the most player engagement using a variety of metrics. These metrics disregard any historical room data that took place outside of the play phase, so new rooms have a fair shot at ranking highly. The engagement calculation takes a lot of different metrics into account, some that look at total engagement and others that look at relative engagement. This means a room with a low number of players who are highly engaged can still rank as high as a room with a very high number of players who were moderately engaged. A high number of players who are highly engaged is the best of both worlds. We're not going to let you know exactly how we calculate engagement, so don't ask :) 

* You may still build during the play phase or you may set your room public and have people active in the room during the build phase. These are just guidelines. However the calculation for winning rooms will only be made during the play phase. We encourage you to get your room public ASAP and test and iterate on your design with the community! 


1st place room (1 winner) - Choose any currently available Rec Room avatar item and we'll build you a one of a kind version where you can choose your own colors. All lower level prizes as well.


2nd to 6th place rooms (5 winners) - Wood and gold maker pen skin (contest exclusive). All lower level prizes as well.

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7th to 30th place rooms (24 winners) - Happy trees shirt (contest exclusive).


How do I get started?

How to create and name your Custom Room (video) 

How to use the Sandbox Machine to fill your room with stuff (video) 

How to use the Maker Pen to create your own objects and environments (video) 

How to add gameplay and logic to your room using Circuits (video)

Circuits User Guide (Rec Room wiki)

More info all of the other Rec Room creative tools (Rec Room Wiki) 

Learn how to add Holotars (recorded avatars / virtual assistants) to your room: (video)

Join the Rec Room Discord Server and check out the #custom-rooms channel to meet other creators, see what everyone is working on, and get tips on getting started!


Players must have a confirmed email on their Rec Room account so that we can contact them if they win.

Players from all regions may enter the contest.

Rooms must abide by the Rec Room Code of Conduct or they will be disqualified.  

Only public rooms will be considered for ranking. 

You can work with as many people as you want on a room, but the prizes will only be coordinated with the creator of the room via the email linked to their account. We may reward prizes to other primary contributors to the room if the creator approves. If there are multiple creators across the experience, the creator of the room you start in, or what we determine to be the starting room, will be contacted to coordinate prizes.

If a player creates multiple winning rooms, they will only be rewarded for the room that ranked the highest. 

There is no limit to the number of rooms you can have active during the play phase.

Rooms that make use of multiple doors / link to other rooms are allowed if all linked rooms have the same creator. As long as its clear that they all tie into one experience there is no limit on the number of connected rooms. 

Please note that this contest is not open to players using a Junior Account.

If the need arises for more rules or clarifications we will update this section.

I need help with custom rooms!

Most questions can be answered very quickly by Against Gravity support or the Rec Room community via our Discord. We pin common questions and answers in relevant channels or will make server wide announcements in the #announcements channel.

If you still have questions, need technical support, or run into bugs, please get in touch using one of the methods listed in our Help Center.

Community questions: 

Q: "How is our room going to be played in the play phase? Every room is going to be submitted but I'm pretty sure AG doesn't have the time to check out every custom room. Am I being screwed over by the fact that I've never made a popular custom room?"

A: "We will look at what rooms rank in the top 30 by looking at a number of engagement metrics. These metrics take relative player numbers into account so even rooms with not many players can still rank very well if they are highly engaging to the small number of people that come through. There is no need to submit a room since we will be running the evaluation across ALL rooms during the play phase and then rewarding the top 30 by the engagement metrics mentioned above."

Q: "I'm looking for clarification on the details of the first prize. The text mentions "an avatar item", but the picture shows a complete set. Is the reward a whole matched set, or just a single item? If it's a set does it have to be all the items of one set of can we mix and match the base items to be customised? Also, will the customised item/s be exclusive to the winner, or will they be added to item pool for everyone? 

A: "First place prize will be exclusive to the winner and potentially any primary contributors on that room. It will be limited to one item or possibly a single set (not across sets) if the art team determines the changes are simple enough to apply across all the set items. But if you want 1 shirt with very unique color changes we wont be doing the set. If you want 1 or 2 color changes across a set I think we can do that. Its flexible and the winner will work with us to find something that works."